BTDS Podcast - Good Idea?

BTDS was conceived a way to put kids face to face with scientists in a live program. A lot of preparation goes into each event, to benefit a relatively small number of kids. Monty would love to leverage that effort, bringing each scientist to a wider audience through podcasting. We think the first few pilot episodes show potential. What do you think?

The Concept

The BTDS podcast is designed for kids and parents to enjoy together. Each episode features a kid co-host, a guest scientist, scientific research you won't hear about anywhere else, and a song. We don't talk down to kids and we don't water down the science. It's a great way to connect your family with critical thinking, genuine wonder, and real-life everyday science!

Pilot Episodes

Episode 3: "Stargazer" - how we find extra-solar planets and search for signs of life on them with Dr. Nader Haghighipour, Dr. Vikki Meadows, and kid host Aaron of Aaron's World

Episode 2: "It's Not Fair" - how co-rumination may cause stress in teens with Dr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven and kid host, Evalyn

Episode 1: "My Molecular Eye" - how microbes can sense light with Dr. Wouter Hoff and kid host, Liza

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