Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Please Help Launch the Second Season

I'm ready to start setting up a second season of science cafés here in Stillwater for the 09/10 school year! The "Born to Do Science" Café allows kids to speak directly with working scientists, to see first hand how the process of science allows us to learn new things about the world.

Would you like to help? I'm looking for two kinds of volunteers:

Of course I need scientists! I'm looking for folks who are currently doing research, good at speaking in public, and willing to try (with lots of help from me) to explain their work to kids and families. The commitment involves one meeting with me, perhaps some follow-up questions by email, preparation of visuals and/or hands-on materials, and a one hour or so evening presentation.

This year I'd also like to start a support group. For this I'm looking for folks (adults and/or kids) who love the idea of the science café and want to help make it happen. We'll meet a few times either online and/or in person to help plan, publicize, and pull off the events.

Please write back to me if you're interested in helping out in either way. Put "Speaker" or "Support Group" in your subject and I'll get back to you with more details.

Please also pass this message on to anyone else you think might be interested. Thanks!!


The cafés will happen on weeknights, most likely Thursdays, once a month starting in October. I'll write soon with more specific dates and times so you can mark your calendar. If you want to be involved and you have strong preferences about the scheduling, please let me know.