Monday, November 28, 2011

Podcast Episode 1: "My Molecular Eye"

Dr. Wouter Hoff shares his research into how bacteria sense light, with kid host Liza, featuring the song "My Molecular Eye."

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Please post comments below or write to btds at - What worked for you? What didn't?
I will incorporate your feedback as I tweak the format over the next few episodes.

Also, please post your questions about the science!! They will be answered!

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  1. Can one subscribe to the podcast by iTunes or Google?

  2. Hi Lance, thanks for asking! Yes, the podcast is now on iTunes:

    The feed is here:

  3. Thanks! We've listened to the first half of the first episode, and my 5-yr-old is hooked. He's singing the theme song, and earlier he asked to stay in the car to listen to all of it instead of having dinner!


  4. Hi again, Lance! Thanks for your comment! I am duly impressed with your son's attention span!! It's great to have such a young fan!