Sunday, November 20, 2011

Podcast Launch - 11/28!
The first episode of the Born to Do Science Podcast has been recorded!

I will post it here on Monday, November 28, for free download.

I want to gather the biggest audience possible for Episode 1.

Please Help! 
These are my goals for November 28, updated every day:

- 100 supporters on (need 46 more!) 
- 52 subscribers to the podcast email list (need 43 more!)
- 100 likes on the BTDS facebook page (need 59 more!)
- 75 followers on Twitter (need 54 more!)

Please share with your friends:
If we reach any of the above goals by November 28, then along with the podcast I will also post the featured song, "My Molecular Eye," as a FREE download for one day! 

But wait there's more! If we double any one of these goals, OR if we reach all four goals - I will post the entire Songs From the Science Frontier CD as a free download for one day!!!

Please tell your friends! Thanks!!

Guest Scientist, Dr. Wouter Hoff, Host Monty Harper, Kid Host Liza

Discussing the "script."

Setting up microphones.

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