Saturday, July 9, 2011

Calling all scientists! Please help connect kids with science!

Are you a scientist in or near Stillwater, Oklahoma? 
Would you like to share your research with a curious and appreciative audience?
Would you like your work to inspire a new generation of scientists and science supporters?
Would you like your work to inspire a brand new song?

If so, please participate in "Born to Do Science!"

*** Our 2011/2012 season is scheduled!! But you can still respond to this post to participate in the 2012/2013 season. Thanks! ***

This is a program for kids (3rd-6th grade) and families which I present at the Stillwater Public Library. Each month I bring in a volunteer guest scientist to share their research with the kids. I think it's important for kids to meet scientists face to face, find out what they do, and learn something about the process of scientific investigation! 

If you haven't presented your work to kids before, don't worry. It's my job as host to learn about your research and figure out how to present it to our audience. I have a Master's degree in mathematics, a deep interest in science, and more than 20 years experience communicating to kids as a children's musician. My past guests and I have successfully presented some very sophisticated topics, including bacterial biofilms, wheat genomics, x-ray crystallography, luminescence dating, stress hormones, phototaxic bacteria - you get the idea!

You can see photos and descriptions of past programs on the website:

I will also write and perform a brand new song inspired by your research to help introduce the topic. You can check out some past songs here:

If you aren't sure that your research topic will work for kids, please don't rule yourself out. Talk to me first, and maybe we can find a way to present it.

Your time commitment would include the following:

1. A 30-45 minute phone conversation with me sometime soon to help decide the focus of our program, title, and description, for publicity purposes.

2. A one to two hour interview with me about your research, one month before the program date. This is to get me started on a song and a plan for the program.

3. As much time as you choose to spend preparing hands-on materials and/or visuals and answering follow-up questions between the interview and the program.

4. About 90 minutes for the program itself.

Below is the schedule for our fourth season. Please contact me if you'd like to participate in season five!

Programs will be held the following Saturdays at 10:00 AM at the Stillwater Public Library. 
(tentative titles)

September 17 - Vaccination Innovation
October 15  - The Intrepid White-Footed Mouse
November 19 - Secrets of the Universe
December 17 - Popular Teens - Friendly or Mean?
January 21 - This is Your Brain on Words
February 18 - Digesting Sunshine
March 10 - My One and Only Vole
April 21 - Predators, Prey, and the Games They Play!
May 19 - The Fungus Among Us!

If you are interested, please contact me! I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have, hear about your research and help you decide if it would make a good "Born to Do Science" program.

Thank you!!

Monty Harper
(405) 624-3805

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