Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Science of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

One of my favorite blogs is called Science For Raising Happy Kids, by Christine Carter, Ph.D. She offers parenting advice based on actual scientific research!

One of Christine's recurring themes is gratitude. Practicing gratitude actually makes you a happier person. Last summer, inspired by her teachings, the Harper family instituted a new tradition. When we sit down to dinner together we hold hands and go round the circle twice, each telling something for which we are grateful. It's simple, but I do think it's had a positive effect. Christine offers more ideas for stretching the gratitude muscle on her most recent post.

Anyhow, I thought I'd take the opportunity, this being Thanksgiving, to show a little gratitude here on the Born to Do Science blog. I'd like to thank...
  • My wife Lisa, for her support of this project which takes up lots of time and brings us no income, at least not yet.
  • Sue Busch and the Stillwater Public Library for hosting this season's events and providing the publicity.
  • All the parents for bringing their kids to the events.
  • All the kids for showing up, having fun, and asking lots of good questions.
  • All the other folks who have supported, encouraged, and promoted the idea.
  • And of course, my guest scientists, who take time out from their busy schedules to prepare and share their research with my audiences, but mostly I want to thank them for the incredible work they do growing our body of scientific knowledge, which improves and enriches all our lives!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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